Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Straightening Hair Brush Review

A real review of the latest craze! 

I've been dying to try these brushes that I've seen all over the internet that seemingly straighten your hair simply by brushing your hair with the heated brush. I searched for honest and truthful reviews but they were either all from girls who had straight hair anyway or seemed to have been paid to say it changed their life. I have EXTREMELY curly hair and blowdrying it smooth is one of the worst parts of my week so I was so intrigued to see if this worked on my curls and smoothed the frizz. I tried it when my hair was straight but frizzy from the weather and when it is really curly to see if it worked. The first points I would say before saying how it worked in general are that the instructions it came with were clearly translated from Chinese to english or something and were absolutely hilarious to read so if you want a cheer up take a look at them, the brush smelt horrid when it was heating up like burning glue or something and the buttons on the side are positioned badly, as you grip the brush you accidentally change the temperature.

 Straight hair
This was the first time I used the brush so was very tentitive and put the temperature up to 200 degrees before gently combing through. My immediate tips with it would be to comb your hair through first to make sure the hot comb slides through nicely and also to wait for a bit to let it heat up properly even if it says it's at the temperature you want. It didn't take the ' 2 seconds' it claims to take to straighten but it did make my hair less kinked however my hair is so thick that nothing is really going to take the supposed amount. After I finished I put some taming oil through it which I usually do anyway and I could see a significant difference, it looked sleeker, straighter and overall different. I noticed it didn't feel harsh or crunchy to the touch but that could just be because I put oil in it which will make it softer. Overall I was impressed by this first go and think this would be really handy for me when I have my straight hair in the morning to give it a quick comb through to get rid of any frizz from the night before, however I do think that I can get the same if not better with straighteners as I do usually after a blow dry

Curly Hair 
This was a completely different ball game. I used it on a day after I had washed my hair and had left it curly so went straight in with the brush. I have to admit it did straighten a little bit but not in the way the videos show, it was not sleek and smooth it was dented and frizzy as hell. I don't know if it's because my hair is special or thick or something but it just didn't have the effect shown by the people in the videos, I made sure to use small sections to make sure I did it properly but still ended up with kinks everywhere and looking like Hagrid. I went back over it the next day and although it improved it still wasn't anything like I normally have it or what it was supposed to be. I used the brush on the highest heat for around 30 mins over both days and it did not look good, I had to go over it with my hair straighteners for 20 mins to try and rescue it as I was going out the next day but the brush had caused so many kinks that it still didn't look right and I was quite unhappy with it

Overall I would say I am really disappointed with this, I really wanted it to work and to help me with me difficult hair but sadly the videos aren't showing the truth and I would spend my money on a good hair dryer a roll brush and straighteners instead ;)

Bella X

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Nail must haves and must avoids!

What I think are the best/worst of my collection

I absolutely love nail polish and hate not having it on, having recently gone through my collection and have picked out some things which I think are really lovely and worth spending your money on and which items really aren't.

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine- I've been exploring this whole range of polishes for a while now and can definitely decide that even though they are cheaper they are actually really bad! The range of colours is amazing and the initial finish is really lovely but they chip horrifically! Probably the worst chipping I've ever seen sometimes within the hour that they're painted. I also had a problem with the whole thing peeling off and even though they look good and cheap they are just not good quality and it's such  a shame. All my friends have similar problems and no one knows why!

Bourgois Magic Nail Polish Remover- This is one of my favourite nail purchases of the year, all you have to do is pop your polished finger into the pot scrape it gently against the sponge and then pull it out completley clean! It literally takes a few seconds to do your whole hand. The great thing about it is that it also leaves the scent of vanilla and red berry on your fingers rather than that acetone smell. Only £4.99 and a great time saving buy.
Ciate Cream Soda- This is my shade of 2015, it is just the perfect grey colour. Sometimes greys are too blue or too dark but this is a perfect slightly creamy light grey that just looks stunning and flattering on anyone. The brush is really easy to apply the polish with and the formulation means that it doesn't chip. I simply love it!
WAS London Press On Nails- I chose the marble zone nails thinking they would be really cool for a party or something and I saved them for a special occasion just because they looked so cool. However they really aren't. I used a nail glue that I've been using for years and really trust but they just didn't stick right, there were no slightly smaller ones and as I have quite small hands they looked huge on me and because of the almond shape and thickness they were awful to try and file down a bit. Really wouldn't recommend them instead I like the elegant touch ones or the little fingers ones. 

Hope this will help direct your buying and make sure your nails look flawless all day ;)

Bella X

Friday, 27 November 2015

Stocking Filler Ideas

With Christmas just around the corner I thought I would share my ideas for great gifts either for stocking fillers or for smaller gifts to give to people.

Christmas is my favourite time of the year and I absolutely love giving gifts to others and so here are my ideas for the perfect little gifts.

For her

  •  Yankee Candle Large Jar in Christmas Cookie- £21.99 from Boots- This is a really great gift for a girl who has it all, these candles smell amazing and last a really long time 
  • Cable Knit Faux Fur Bobble Hat- £7.99 from New Look- These come in many different colours and are so cute and comfy, perfect for the winter months 
  • The Little Book of Positivity- £5.99 from asos- This is the perfect little book will boost anyones day and is lovely for the coffee table 
  • Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm Tree decoration- £10.00 from Space NK- THis is one of the best cleansing balms on the market and this is a great trial size to give as a gift 
For him
  • Ted Baker Mens stocking filler- £5.00 from Boots- A great set of shower gel and body spray that smell amazing and would be great for any guy to pop in his gym bag 
  • Dark Grey Knitted Rib Scarf- £8.99 from New Look- Stylish and warm, this gorgeous scarf comes in a variety of colours and would be a really thoughtful gift 
  • How to survive anything book- £14.99 from asos- This hilarious book will provide hours of great reading and I'm sure he would love sharing these situations with friends 
  • Cedrat Pure Cleanser- £16.00 from L'occitane- An exfoliating cleansing lotion that has a lovely strong scent and is suitable for all skin types  

   Fun things/ Younger people 

  • Worlds smallest laser gun- £5.00 from Debenhams- Highly entertaining for all ages with 8 different sounds and lights 
  • Kellogg's cereal tin lip balm set x 5 lip balms- £10.00 from asos- a great all round fun gift with all  the classic cereals we ate as kids (or still eat now!)
  • Aroma Home Cat Hand warmers- £10.00 from Boots- Adorable little cat shaped hand warmers to warm up the winter months 
  • Ginger Fox Mensa- riddles & conundrums- £8.00 from Debenhams- Give them something to wow all their christmas guests with these interesting cards  

Hope this gave you some ideas on either what to buy for your loved ones or to get some ideas for yourself and that you enjoy the run up to the christmas season being very merry and bright ;)

Bella X

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Got a Cold? Have no fear..

Here are my top tips to get you over those sniffles and sneezes as quickly as possible 

A few weeks ago I wrote out my tips for not getting a cold (link will be at the bottom) and also promised to do a part 2 to help you if the unfortunate illness struck so here it is...

1) Don't sniff!- your body is trying to rid itself of all the nasty bugs in your system so the least you can do is help flush them out, keep blowing your nose as often as possible to keep your head clear and reduce the infection faster

2) Eat right- certain foods can really help to replenish your body, oranges contain lot's of vitamin C that can help clear your head. Other beneficial foods are foods high in fibre and iron and carbohydrates such as rice

3) Medicate- take as much medicine to help yourself out as possible, paracetamol, decongestants and lemsip along with vitamins all build up your immune system and will also help at night to dry everything up so you can sleep easier

4) Get Steamy- Steam can really help to relieve sinus pain and unblock your nose, having an extra long shower or soaking  in a lovely warm bath will help to make you feel rejuvenated and little more normal! Even if it's only an extra 5 minutes  you can spare I'm sure your nose will thank you.

And Finally...

5) SLEEP- sleep is the best thing for any illness, your brain needs to take the time to rewire and help cure itself. At least 7 hours is recommended when you are feeling under the weather and is vitally important for both your physical and mental well-being.

I hope you enjoy these tips and I wish you a speedy recovery  if you are struck down by the winter blues ;)

Bella X

Part 1 to this post-

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Revolution Sugar and Spice Blush Review

Review of some very blushing blushes 

I had been looking for this palette for a long time after seeing a review by Dolly Bow Bow Kate but sadly the superdrug in my local are doesn't stock Revolution products so on my trip to Barcelona I found a drugstore that did. Hooray! 

The palette contains 8 beautiful shades and the price is £6:00 from most superdrugs (if you can find it). The pigmentation on all 8 is absolutely perfect, personally I never like an incredibly heavy blush as I'm very pale but you can use a light hand with them and build them up to your preference. I also love the fact that they blend really easily making them great for quick application on the go. The layout is really well done and very attractive which I think makes me reach for it everyday which lately I have been doing. There is a real mix of colour in this palette with two metallic shimmery shades ( one almost white to use as a highlight), two bright pinks, one coral, one mauve and two darker, browner shades. Even though I am extremely pale the two browner shades actually create a very neutral look and brings out my natural colouring. My favourite two so far are the coral shade which gives a beautiful summery warmth, and the highlight shade that gives an intense highlight on the cheekbones. As the Autumn continues I'm hoping to try out more of the darker shades and create some more wintery looks. 

For £6:00 I really think you cant go wrong with this palette, all 8 shades are really pigmented and there are some really stunning colours. The case itself as it's very sleek and simple meaning easy for travel and I have taken it away with me on my trip to the lakes. Overall I would give this palette a 10/10 as all shades are wearable and would work on all skin tones ( there's something for everyone in this case of wonders!) and it's so affordable! 

So if you happen to see this palette on your travels do give it a whirl and blush away! ;)

Bella X

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Let's Avoid Getting Those Winter Bugs!

Here are my tips for avoiding that dreadful cold bug that goes around this time of year and how to protect yourself against it as best you can! 

Having recently suffered from the worst cold I've ever had so I thought I would share my tips for avoiding getting sick, after this post will also follow a tips for how to get better quicker if you do get struck down. Enjoy these tips and I hope they help you to stay healthy...

1) General raising of personal hygiene- This is probably the best thing you can do for yourself, washing hands regularly and using hand gel when on the go (especially if you are using public transport or touching door handles). Also washing general things such as makeup brushes, sponges, washcloths and towels. 

2) Take appropriate Vitamins- These can help to boost the immune system during these winter months, Barretts do ones that cater to different ages, genders or conditions in some really great flavours so it's just a case of checking out which ones may be right for you. 

3) Wrap up!- Keeping dry and warm is especially important in these winter months and is key to not getting sick, I personally love wrapping up all cosy with hats and scarves in the winter ( I recommend turtlenecks).

4) Caring is not sharing!- Keep away from people who have the sneezes! Don't share any food or water bottles with others to keep the germs at bay! 


5) If you do feel some sniffles coming on I highly recommend the Vicks First Defence Nasal Spray, It helps to flush out all the germs and may keep from a full blown cold developing 

So I hope that you find these useful and that if you keep these tips up you'll be keeping your airways clear and feel like dancing your way through the best season of the year ;)

Bella X

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Colab With Extract Beauty!

So fellow blogger Extract Beauty and I decided to swap some beauty and general life questions so here are the 15 questions she asked me 

1. Drugstore makeup or high end?- I really like both but if I had to choose I would pick drugstore as I think it has really great things for great prices 
2. Favourite Drugstore brand?- I really love Rimmel London, I think they do great face products and their lipsticks are amazing 
3. Favourite store to shop at?-  I'm really odd and love looking at homewear shops like Laura Ashley, big lover of buying candles and cute nick nacks 
4. Favourite Clothing piece for autumn?-  turtle neck jumpers have become my new obsession especially in grey or dark colours 
5. How old were you when you started wearing makeup?- I started wearing the cheap lip glosses and mascaras around the age of 9 or 10 and then properly started collecting and wearing a full face at around 13 or 14
6. What is one hair care product you cannot live without? (other that shampoo and conditioner)- Hair oil is my absolute life saver, if I'm having a bad hair day a few sprays of lightweight oil can fix everything and I use is after washing to tame any immediate frizz 
7. What is your greatest strength?- I would say I am a very empathetic person and I love to listen and give advice to people, I'm quite maternal towards people I care about so without blowing my own trumpet I think I'm a generally kind person :) 
8. What is your greatest weakness?- Procrastination. Explains itself really.
9. What is your idea of the perfect pizza?- I love pineapple on pizza so much so probably a deep pan stuffed crust pineapple pizza with maybe some chicken or green pepper on there too
10. What type of music do you listen to?- I'm the kind of person that if I like it then I like it so I don't really have one specific genre that I really like, Most of my favourite songs are from a mix of genre's and eras. The only type I don't like is screamo because I find it a little too angry and loud 
11. What brand do you use for skincare?- Mainly Liz Earle but I also actually love the boots own brand moisturiser and night cream as they affordable and really soothing 
12. What is your favourite clothing brand/ shop?- New Look and Topshop are my main source of clothing but I also love going on ASOS and getting a wider range from different brands 
13. Are you a lip gloss or Lipstick kind of person?- Personally I prefer lipsticks, there is something very elegant about them and you can get so many different finishes now the possibilities are endless!
14. What is your favourite perfume?- I love the Elie Saab perfume for special occasions and The Body Shop's Indian Night Jasmine for everyday wear, both are amazing dark yet floral fragrances 
15. Do you prefer messy or sleek hair?- Sadly I'm not one of those people who look good with messy hair although most of the time it is a bit messy so I prefer sleek with no frizz but with soft curls 

Thank you so much to Extract beauty for the questions and if you want to see her answers to my questions check out her blog

Hope you liked getting to know me a little better (or a lot) ;)

Bella X